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 Accountant Renewal Form
Auditor Renewal Form
 Accountant Renewal Form       
                                             Welcome to Amhara National Regional State Office of Auditor General Official Website                     We are working hard for finance transparency and acountability
The office of Auditor General, by undertaking independent audit, provides reliable audit information and professional advice to the regional council and relevant government offices. By increasing the profession competence, audit coverage and quality it promotes accountability and best practice.
By 2012/2020, we over see financial transparency, effectiveness and accountability over all in the regional government sectors.

Core values
Professional competence
We will improve ourselves through continuous education, work with respecting professional standards & we will be ethical, honest, trustworthy and accountable in what we do.  
We will work based on law, high quality & reliable documents and make attempt   to attain results in being free from biasness.
We will commit to high level performance, service quality, professional ethics, organizational excellence, job centered & respected communication, and continuous improvement.

Team work
We will make every effort to realizing the office mission and goals with promote transparency, team work, learning & helping each other.
We secure from diffusion of information and document of Audits.
         Audit Process              
Consider the auditor’s task from a logical perspective. The end product of a financial statement auditor’s work is an audit report indicating an opinion whether or not the client’s financial statements are free of material misstatement. After accepting a client what should an auditor do to obtain the necessary (and appropriate and sufficient) evidence to form and support that opinion? The auditor must first obtain a thorough understanding of the entity and its environment, including the entity’s internal control.
The auditor must understand the risks the client faces, how it is dealing with those risks, and what remaining risks are most likely to result in a material misstatement in the financial statements. Armed with this  understanding, the auditor develops an audit strategy and an audit plan that will produce evidence helpful in forming and supporting an opinion on the financial statements.  Read Details

      Audit Guidlines     
Audit procedures are an important area of the syllabus, though candidates often use inappropriate audit procedures to answer questions. The following tips will help you to understand the concepts and write appropriate audit procedures. Every procedure must state:
 • the assertion tested
 • the audit procedure
• the reason for the procedure.  Read Details  

              IT Audit                       
An information technology audit, or information systems audit, is an examination of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives.
Read Details

                                                                               Mandates of the office  
                                 Power and Duties of the Office

1. The Office shall have all powers necessary for the performance of the duties entrusted to it law.

2. Without being limited to the generality of this statement, the Office shall:

     A. Audit and cause same to be audited the account of the regional Government Offices and organizations;

     B. Audit and cause to be audited assistances and donations given to the regional government offices and organizations;

    C. Carry out or cause to be carried out the examination of performance and environmental protection audit to ensure whether the whole system of control of the regional   Government offices and organizations is adequately device and implemented properly and efficiently;

    D. Carry out or cause to carry out information audit in the region;

   E. Carry out cause to be carry out the examination or resources control audit to ensure whether the whole system of the Regional Government Offices and organizations is adequately devised and implemented properly and efficiently;

    F. Undertake special audit assignment based on the seriousness of the matter when requested by the council, regional Courts, other Government Offices and Organizations as well as by the public at large owing to operational mistakes or irregularity to have been identified in the regular auditing period;

   G. Inform audit findings, performed in accordance with the provisions stipulated hereof, to heads of the pertinent office of organization, report to the Bureau of Justice of office or organization, report to the Bureau of Justice of the Region and the Secretariat of the Head of Government, where the audit findings reveal the occurrence of grave irregularity and the commission of a crime; if related to corruption, it also inform to the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission of the region;

   H. Issue directives of audit standards and operational procedures in consultation with the concerned offices and organizations as well as federal and other regional audit offices;

   I. Provide the required training and certificate of competence there to for internal auditors in cooperation with the concerned offices and organizations; be able to cause internal audit report to be submitted to it, as may be necessary;

    J. Where it has to believe that any account has been kept in a presence of criminal condition and dishonest manner, impound such books, documents, ledgers, vouchers and other materials related to such account; investigate and report the result there to;

   K. Give the necessary advise on the financial control, maintenance of accounts and property administration draft law, regulations and directives to be prepared by offices and enterprises of the Regional Government;

   L. Make efforts, in cooperation with the pertinent federal and regional offices, that the accounting and auditing promotion be promoted geared in the right direction;

  M. Issue, renew, suspend and cancel certificate of competence which enable thos auditors performing audit proffession and accountants carry out accounting in the region to involve in the field; follow up whether they perom in compliance with the  standard; render training and consultancy; and where necessary, institute and case in accordance with the law;

  N. Issue a uniform directive that enable to issue, suspend and cancel certificates of competence of private auditors and accountants

  O. Charge fee, which is the determind by a regulation isssued pursuant to this proclamation, while issuing and renewing certificate of competence.       



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